Holley RetroBright and Bright Earth LED Lighting Made This Chevy Service Truck Safer


Holley RetroBright and Bright Earth LED Lighting Made This Chevy Service Truck Safer


We recently converted a 1982 Chevrolet C20 pickup truck into a service vehicle, creating the ultimate roadside service rig in order to assist any and all fellow hot-rodders that might run into car trouble while participating in the hugely popular Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour. In addition to using a host of Holley’s swap products to replace the worn-out old small block with a refreshed LS (stay tuned for that article), we wanted to upgrade all of the lighting on the truck with LED lighting where we could, including swapping out the dimming halogen headlights with a set of Holley RetroBright units to bring the front lights up to today’s standards, as well as using a set of Bright Earth work lights to light up the area behind the truck on nighttime stops.

Sally's Speed Shop RetroBright Install 1

This 1982 C20 came from the factory with 5”x7” rectangular headlights, but RetroBright has sizing options to fit most applications with 5.75" round, 7" round, and 4"x6" rectangular headlight housings. They're available in 3000 Kelvin and 5700 Kelvin color temperatures depending on whether you're looking for that classic lighting hue or want an even brighter, more modern look. And if your vehicle feels more at home across the pond, we also offer headlights with yellow lenses for that European flair.

If you want the lighting performance of LED headlights, but want to retain the classic look of a traditional sealed beam, the Holley RetroBright line is the perfect choice for your ride. We selected the "Modern White" 5700K color to provide us with the brightest possible light when we’re out on a rescue mission in our service truck. Holley RetroBright headlights come in three color tones (Classic White, Modern White, and Euro Yellow) and are available in most of the common sizes (5.75-inch Round, 7-inch Round, 4-inch x 6-inch Rectangular, and 5-inch x 7-Inch Rectangular).

Sally's Speed Shop RetroBright headlight

Holley RetroBrights are equipped with a UV-treated polycarbonate lens that won't shatter and is 10x stronger than glass or standard plastic. They also provide over twice the light output of halogens to keep you and your classic safe while driving at night.

Follow along as we show you what it takes to easily upgrade the lighting on a Square body pickup with this plug-and-play swap.

Sally's Speed Shop RetroBright remove bezel

Start by removing the four screws holding the headlight bezel into place, from the factory these have a T10 Torx head, but ours were swapped for Phillips head screws at some point in the truck’s past.

Sally's Speed Shop RetroBright bezel removal 2

Pull down and out to remove the headlight bezels and set them to the side, along with the hardware.

Sally's Speed Shop RetroBright trim ring removal

Next, remove the four Phillips head screws holding the retaining ring to the headlight bucket.

Sally's Speed Shop RetroBright trim ring 2

The headlight retaining ring screws are often fairly corroded, so take care not to strip them or damage the retaining ring itself as it will be reused when installing the RetroBright lights.

Sally's Speed Shop RetroBright headlight comparison

Next, simply unplug the stock headlight from the truck’s factory wiring being careful not to damage the wiring. Comparing the old halogen to the new RetroBright housing, you can see how it will fit directly into the headlight bucket on these trucks.

Sally's Speed Shop RetroBright pigtail

The new headlights come with a pigtail already attached that will plug directly into the stock wiring on the vehicle. Simply plug in the connector making sure to seat it firmly into place.

Sally's Speed Shop RetroBright light install 1

Now place the headlight retaining ring around the new headlight and simply slide the entire housing into the headlight bucket, making sure it is seated squarely to prevent damage to the headlight or retaining ring.

Sally's Speed Shop RetroBright Install 3

Install the four Phillips head screws that hold the retaining ring to the headlight bucket and tighten it evenly until it is firmly seated in place.

Sally's Speed Shop RetroBright Install 4

Once the headlight is in place you can simply reinstall the headlight bezel back on the truck and replace the four screws that hold it in place.

Adjusting Sealed-Beam Headlights

With everything installed, you can take the time to properly aim your headlight beams using the factory adjustment screws that are located at the top of the headlight (vertical motion) and on the outer side (horizontal motion). For a more in-depth article on how to adjust sealed-beam headlights, click on the image.
Sally's Speed Shop C20 with RetroBrights

Now that we have the headlights brought up to a much more acceptable level of brightness for today’s standards, we needed to add some lights to the rear of the service bed so we would be able to see when we’re working out of the truck at night. For this, we chose a pair of Bright Earth LED Work Lights, also available from Holley. These flood lights provide 726 lumens of light despite their compact size and they only draw 0.3 amps of power, making them perfect for anyone looking for simple and effective lighting on the outside of their vehicle, whether that be a truck, side-by-side/UTV, or even construction and agricultural equipment.

Sally's Speed Shop Bright Earth 1

The Bright Earth LED Work Light comes with everything you need to mount it to your vehicle including stainless steel hardware and a weatherproof pigtail for wiring it into your vehicle’s electrical system.

Sally's Speed Shop Bright Earth 2

Once you have found a suitable location to mount your light you will need to drill a 5/16” hole to attach the mounting bracket. We chose to mount ours just below the hole for the old reverse lights on our service bed because that will allow us to tuck the wiring out of the way.

Sally's Speed Shop Bright Earth 3

Using the supplied stainless 5/16” bolt, attach the mounting bracket utilizing the hole you just drilled.

Sally's Speed Shop Bright Earth 4

If you are using a hole to run the wiring through it will need to be rather large. This is a 1-inch diameter hole and it’s just about perfect for this pigtail to fit through. Be sure to add a grommet to the wire if you are running it through something that could possibly cut or damage the wire.

Sally's Speed Shop Bright Earth 5

Using the supplied waterproof pigtail or one of the complete harnessed that you can purchase on Holley’s website (p/n WH1L-BEL). Wire the switch into your vehicles' electrical system, making sure that everything is safely routed.

Sally's Speed Shop Bright Earth 6

Next, simply slide the work light into the mounting bracket and use the supplied stainless Allen key bolt and nut to secure it into place. Using a 5mm Allen wrench and a 10mm wrench tighten the bolt. Be sure to aim the light in the desired direction before fully tightening.

Sally's Speed Shop Bright Earth 8

Now you can run your harness to the front of your vehicle and attach it to a fused power source and chassis ground. Install a switch in your desired location to control your new work lights. We mounted ours just next to the headlight switch on the dash to keep all of our lighting controls in one place.

Sally's Speed Shop Bright Earth 9

These lights are small, yet mighty. They provide quite a bit of light, despite their compact size. They are the perfect addition to the rear of this truck for when we’re on the job late at night.


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