Holley RetroFilter Air Cleaners: Vintage Style for LS Engines


Holley RetroFilter Air Cleaners: Vintage Style for LS Engines


Most sleepers look the part – tame wheels, weathered exterior, roached interior – but when the hood pops open the cat is out of the bag. The engine breaks the façade, with a high-revving modern V8 announcing that this beater is a barnstormer. But Holley’s innovative RetroFilter air cleaners provide LS-swapped rides a few extra moments of suspended disbelief where the viewer makes a double take or triple take before realizing there’s more than meets the eye in your engine bay.

Design and Compatibility

RetroFilter air cleaners integrate LS Drive-By-Wire (DBW) throttle bodies by concealing them inside the unit. Their low-height design includes a hidden opening in the base to conceal wiring, maintaining a clean and traditional look. The air cleaner pairs with any Holley intake manifold featuring a 4150/4610 square-bore flange. It can be adapted to LS-style DBW throttle bodies found on models such as LS2, LS3, LS7, etc. The opening is 92mm but any four-bolt pattern LS throttle body will physically fit. We recommend the LS2/LS3/LS7 style, but the L33, L76, and L92 should also fit. The unit can also be installed on an engine running a top-mounted 4150/4BBL EFI-capable intake manifold with LS3 DBW wiring components.

  • Pair with any Holley intake manifold w/ 4150/4610 square-bore flange
  • Adapts to LS style DBW throttle bodies, LS2, LS3, LS7, etc.
  • Can install on any top mounted 4150/4BBL EFI-capable intake manifold w/ LS3 DBW wiring components

Check out the full line of Holley RetroFilters now

Filter and Finish

There are two distinct designs in the RetroFilter lineup. Enthusiasts can choose from a 14-inch diameter dual snorkel look or a 16-inch diameter round design. The air cleaner features a stamped aluminum lid and base, ensuring long-term durability while maintaining a lightweight design. Each kit includes a three-inch tall, pre-oiled, washable and reusable premium cotton gauze filter element, ensuring ideal filtration and long-term performance. Each design is available in both black and chrome finishes, allowing customers to choose the option that best suits their vehicle's style. Click the links below to check out all the RetroFilter styles.

14-inch diameter dual snorkel, black

14-inch diameter dual snorkel, chrome

16-inch diameter round, black

16-inch diameter round, chrome

Installing a Holley RetroFilter air cleaner in your LS-swapped ride delivers a blend of modern EFI functionality and classic aesthetics. It’s an ideal choice for enthusiasts looking to upgrade their classic vehicles with modern technology without sacrificing the vintage look they desire.


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