Holley's Top 10 Rides of Hot Rod Power Tour 2015

By: Alex Healey | 06/11/2015 < Back to Motor Life Home
Tomorrow marks our arrival at the last locale for the 2015 Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour. From the time we started in Madison, WI until tomorrow when we arrive in Baton Rouge, LA, we have seen some incredible hot rods. From beautifully restored cars that look as if they could have rolled off of a showroom floor decades ago, to cars that look like the creations that would be more at home in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory, we have truly seen it all. We tried our best to come to a consensus top 10, but that is nearly impossible. There are cars that missed the cut by the skin of their teeth that we debated over, but only 10 could make it. None of the chosen cars were built by vendors, and there was no hard and fast guidelines for what made the cut. This is purely the opinion of the author and a few fellow Holley employees. Be sure to check out all of our pictures on our Facebook page HERE. Let us know which cars you think should've made the cut! Without further ado, here are our picks! 10.) Now this may look like your typical XJ Cherokee in this picture, but it truly stood out to us because of the route he took to make more power. A lot of people may be tempted to swap in some Mopar or LS power, but this owner supercharged the 4.0L Jeep straight-6, which was punched out to 4.6L! Sometimes, the path less traveled makes for a much more interesting journey 9.) I'm not even sure what to call this thing, but it turned heads everywhere it went. What I do know is that it was built off of a 3/4 ton Dodge pickup frame and features a 5.9L Cummins turbo diesel engine. 8.) This immaculate Challenger managed to stand out in a sea of crazy creations despite its showroom stock appearance. The Plum Crazy paint and 440 Six Pack drew us in, and we couldn't walk away. 7.) This second gen Firebird grabbed at the heartstrings of a couple Pontiac guys on the staff, and they would not stand for it to not be included on this list. > 6.) Sometimes rat rods can be a little overdone to one extreme or another. This one found a perfect balance with just the right amount of patina, functionality, and personality to bring it all together. 5.) To some, a Porsche 914 seems out of place in this environment. You're probably expecting it to be powered by another run of the mill small block Chevy or even an LS engine. This car actually featured a Subaru EJ207, a turbocharged 4-cylinder boxer engine found in Japanese Domestic Market Impreza WRX STIs. 4.) Mark Donohue is basically a folk hero to AMC owners everywhere, and this raucous creation is a tribute to his Trans Am-prepped cars. 3.) If anyone ever tells you vans can't be cool, point them to this Dodge A100. 2.) Remember what I said about vans? The same applies to school buses, as can be seen here. 1.) This '64 C/10 caught my eye, and the more I looked it over, the more I fell in love. This might have something to do with my first vehicle being a '66 C/10, but there's more to the picture than that. This truck features Holley HP EFI, Holley Stealth Ram intake manifold, an air ride suspension to provide the perfect stance, and it looks great while not being so perfect that you'd be afraid to drive it.
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