Hooker Announces LS Swap Headers & Mounts for 2nd-Gen F-Bodies

By: Bill Tichenor | 07/10/2013 < Back to Motor Life Home
Finally, there is a complete mount and exhaust solution for swapping the extremely popular GM LS engines into 2nd generation GM F-bodies (Camaro/Firebird). The 1970-74 and 1975-81 F-Bodies have different subfloor designs, so Hooker developed specific engine mounting brackets to optimize fitment in both model ranges with multiple suspension fitments. These brackets provide ideal driveline angles. Built to work with this application specific mounting system, Hooker now offers full and mid-length mild steel headers available in Black Paint, Silver Ceramic, and Black Ceramic coatings. They provide maximum component clearance, ground clearance, and room for large-diameter exhaust tubing. The full length headers are available for 1975-81 Second Gens while the mid length headers fit all Second Gen model years. In addition, stunning full length stainless steel headers are now available. These headers are configured with all new proprietary components exclusive to Hooker including investment-cast flanges and collector attenuators as well as one-piece formed merge collectors that increase exhaust gas velocity for improved power. These complete Hooker exhaust systems are constructed with the same precision found in custom-built offerings but without the high price tag. That’s just one more reason why you’ll "Love Your Hooker Headers."
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