How to Install a Holley Terminator X Max ECU on a Ford Coyote Engine

By: Holley EFI | 07/27/2020 < Back to Blog Home

Holley’s Terminator X and Terminator X Max ECUs are affordable, easy-to-use, standalone engine management systems for the Ford Coyote engine. They feature extremely simple plug-and-play designs using factory connectors to make installation quick and easy. Follow along in the video above as we walk you through the step-by-step installation of a Terminator X Max ECU on a Ford Coyote engine. 

0:36 - Terminator X and X Max for Coyote Engines Overview

1:55 – Terminator X Max Engine Harness Installation Overview

6:45 - Ti-VCT variable camshaft timing controller harness installation

8:45 - Terminator X Max Transmission wiring diagram

10:36 -Terminator X Max Setup Wizard

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