How to Install Bright Earth Cube Lights

By: Todd Veney | 07/10/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Installing Bright Earth Cube Lights on your Jeep® TJ or JK is a lot easier than you'd probably imagine – everything you need is there. If you have a 1997-2006 TJ or a 2007-18 JK, a few hand tools, and even basic mechanical ability, the next time you're out on the trails these easy-to-install kits will have you lighting up the night in no time. No drilling, no modifications, and no fabrication is required – just bolt them to the existing windshield brackets with the hardware included in the kit.

Start by disconnecting the positive battery lead. Next, remove the two factory bolts at the base of the windshield, place one of the rubber pads under the light bracket, reinstall it with the supplied 8mm-by-30mm buttonhead bolts, and torque them to factory specs. Same thing for the other side. They're low and in front of the windshield – not hanging off the side – so they won't hit any branches on a tight trail, and you'll never have to stop, get out, and fold them in so they don't snag anything.

Bright Earth Cube Lights are available with waterproof, dustproof housings in both spotlight and floodlight configurations. Just attach the light bracket to the mounting bracket you've already installed and secure it in place with the included lock nut, then bolt on the light and do the same on the other side. The wiring harness comes pre-wired with a built-in switch with a fuse and relay. Install it, mount the switch, and make the connection with the supplied waterproof connectors, mount the switch, and you're almost there. Now just reconnect the positive battery lead, tighten up any loose wires, and – voila! – hit the trails knowing you can light up the night wherever you go.

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