How to use Earl's Plumbing Selector

By: Jeremy Stoermer06/06/2019 < Back to Blog Home

With all the variations and additives found in today’s fuel and oil, it’s crucial that you select the correct hose and fittings to avoid premature breakdown and eliminate safety issues. Knowing which plumbing products are right for your scenario can be a big headache. Earl’s wants to help you, so we came up with our plumbing selector! It’s a handy to tool to help you determine the best plumbing choices for your particular needs.

You start by selecting the type of fluid the system you are plumbing is going to contain. We have options for oils, coolants, transmission fluid, brake fluids, pump gas, race fuels, alcohol and methanol/ even E85 and bio diesel!

Once you’ve selected the fluid type, you can choose the assembly method that you prefer. Keep in mind certain systems require specific assembly methods, so all options may be available depending on your fluid type.

Once the fluid type and assembly method have been selected, simply click the “see results” tab and the selector will generate a list of all the possible products you could use for your particular scenario. A list of recommended products will be displayed with the most compatible products listed at the top. We use a basic grading system, with 5 stars being your best choice and 4 or 3 star options listed below them.

Click on the hose type and it will redirect you to the product page where you can select the appropriate length and hose diameter that your build requires. Don’t forget to add it to your cart. Once you’ve selected the hose type that best suits your needs simply look to the right and you’ll find the fittings that are the compatible with your hose type. Click on the fitting picture and you’ll be able to select the fitting size, degree of bend, and finish of your choice. You’ll also be able to see our how to install videos and the installation instructions for each product. With Earl’s easy to use plumbing selector there’s no more excuses for not getting that project completed. So what are you waiting for?

Get on over to Earl’ and order yours today!