In-tank Retrofit Fuel Modules

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 06/23/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
Are the frustrations of fuel system installation keeping you from making the switch to an in-tank fuel system? Introducing Holley’s Universal In-Tank Retrofit Fuel Modules! The easiest way to convert your vehicle to an EFI style fuel system. It’s available in both a conventional return style and a return-less version, that’s right return-less! A built in 60 psi fuel pressure regulator means there’s no need to run a return fuel line and no need to purchase a conventional regulator with our return-less style fuel module. Holley’s convenient retro fit fuel module can convert your factory tank or fuel cell to an in-tank style fuel system quickly and easily! Best of all there’s only one hole to drill in your tank! It’s ideal for use with the Holley Terminator EFI, Sniper EFI, MSD Atomic EFI or any other TBI or EFI conversions on the market. The team here at Holley has the solution for all of your fuel system needs. Holley delivers with your choice of either a 255 or 450 lph pump in both the return and return-less design. You also get the added benefits of Holley’s innovative Hydramat. The included 3” x 15” mat ensures your engine will receive a clean and consistent supply of fuel. Hydramats unique mounting flange has 6 clocking positions allowing you the versatility to clear sending units or any other tank obstructions. The billet aluminum module is a low profile design protruding only 1 1/4" above the tank mounting surface allowing adequate clearance in tight installations. Holley’s unique lug style clamping system allows you the ability to rotate the unit 360 degrees for convenient routing of the plumbing and wiring without having to re-drill any holes. ¼” NPT ports provide easy adaptability to stock or aftermarket lines and an optional roll over valve P# 12-874 is available separately. Holley’s drop in module includes a billet pump hanger bracket and simple clamping design to help control pump vibration and provide adjustability for use in a wide variety of tanks up to 12” deep. Consult the product description page at for minimum pump depth requirements before purchasing. Once installed in your tank, all that’s left to do is hook up your fuel lines and connect your power and ground sources then you’re off and running! Be sure and follow the recommended wiring requirements outlined in the included product instruction sheet. In most cases the conversion can be easily accomplished in an afternoon and only requires basic tools to complete. With Holley’s retro-fit module there’s no welding or fabrication necessary for the installation. * Be sure and consult a qualified professional before performing any modifications to used fuel tanks or fuel cells * Holley’s in-tank retro fit fuel modules are available anywhere Holley products are sold!
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