LS Fest East 2021 - Complete Coverage Of The Mayhem Can Be Found Here!

10 min read

LS Fest East 2021 - Complete Coverage Of The Mayhem Can Be Found Here!

10 min read

The original home for Holley's LS Fest came to life for the twelfth annual homecoming for any and everything centered around General Motors' LS and Gen-V LT engines. LS Fest East 2021 brought Beech Bend Raceway and NCM Motorsports Park to life with the sound and fury of hundreds of cars and tens of thousands of participants, guests, workers and spectators. The weather was unbelievably perfect, with cooler-than-average temperatures, sunny skies and no chance of rain in the forecast. A full weekend of fun was had by on a link below to check out more in-depth coverage, photo galleries, videos and results!

Winners And Results

LS Fest East 2021 was three days of amazing action no matter how you view it. Here's the final list of winners and results from the show!

Grand Champion

Drag race? Autocross? Play in the 3S Challenge? What's stopping you from doing all three? The Grand Champion program puts vehicles to the ultimate test: compete in every event with the same set of tires throughout the whole weekend!


LS Fest East 2021's autocross program consisted of two different circuits: Beech Bend Raceway's oval track and NCM Motorsports Park's open autocross paddock. Two places with plenty of space for competitors to get some speed up before attacking the corners!

Drag Racing

Beech Bend's quarter-mile dragstrip got a solid workout during LS Fest East 2021. Everything from beautiful race cars to "LS THE WORLD" style brawlers battled it out all weekend long!

Show And Shine

Beautiful weather and beautiful machines were parked all over Beech Bend's property...including the amusement park on Saturday! Click here to see gorgeous rides that showed up to LS Fest East 2021.

Dyno Challenge

There's horsepower on the ground at LS Fest East, make no mistake. But how much horsepower is on the ground? Some might play their cards tight, but for those who are willing to strap their rides onto the dyno and find out once and for all what is going to the ground, there were prizes to win. Check out the biggest naturally-aspirated and power-adder equipped horsepower numbers!

Boxo Challenge

LS Fest East isn't a hands-off event! The Boxo Challenge allowed competitors the chance to win Boxo tools and more. All they had to do was put a pile of parts onto an LS engine on a stand as fast as possible. Easy, right?

Power Wheels Downhill Challenge

A bunch of grown adults riding a bunch of toy cars meant for kids down a hill, and a few "friends" tossing water balloons at them. What possibly could go wrong? Check out the Power Wheels Downhill Challenge, the fun side of LS Fest East 2021!

Lucas Oil/S3 Magazine Drift Challenge

The 2021 Lucas Oil/S3 Magazine Drift Challenge was full of speed, excitement, a few unexpected twists, and a whole lotta tire smoke!

1980 Chevrolet K5 Blazer

Zac's 1980 Chevrolet K5 Blazer shows just how far a few small detail changes can go when you start with a great vehicle as a base for a build. The GMC Indy Hauler stripes, the Detroit Steel wheels and the beautifully done interior caught everyone's eye!

1999 Mazda Miata

Johnny Cichowski's 1999 Mazda Miata is a wicked little track-attack special that we found lapping NCM Motorsports Park in anger. It might look busy sitting still, but every mod helps the little Mazda put the grunt from its LS1 swap down to the ground!

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

In 1966, Mike Morris bought this 1957 Chevy for $100. 55 years later, he still owns the Chevy and somehow, it has not only managed to not age, but look better than it did on the showroom floor! (At least, we think it does.)

2004 Dodge Ram

Lime Green paint, AAR 'Cuda strobe stripe...LS Fest? Yep, this 2004 Dodge Ram is packing a twin-turbo LSX mill that cranked out 1,047 horsepower on the dyno!

1970 Plymouth "Frankenbird"

One of the most iconic shapes to ever come from the Chrysler camp is the 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird, with it’s extended, wind-cheating nose and the rear spoiler that cannot be missed. And yes, it was at Holley’s LS Fest 2021. Meet Shawn Jones’ “Frankenbird”!

LS-Swapped GMC Syclone

The GMC Syclone was a hot little number straight from the factory, with a 4.3L V6 pushing 280 horsepower to all four wheels. How do you improve on that package? Swap the six out for a Dart-block LS swap, keep the turbocharger, and add a little nitrous to the mix, all while keeping the interior completely intact!


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