LS Fest West 2023: Drag Racing


LS Fest West 2023: Drag Racing


What is the main draw of late-model GM engines? They make monstrous power on the cheap, that's what. Whether you spent the coin on a new Z06 Corvette with the psychotic 5.5L flat-plane crank or you dumped several paycheck's worth of money into the engine that was raided from the wreck of a Tahoe for your $300 1980s-era dragstrip surprise, GM's engines have been a performance bastion ever since the C5 Corvette appeared on the scene with the LS1 hidden underneath it's hood. Spray it and pray, add boost and hope for the best, or leave it gulping in whatever air is available and rev it as far as you dare...the LS and Gen-V LT will deliver.

LSFW23 Drag

Our classes for LS Fest West include:

  • Grudge/Test-N-Tune
  • Brian Tooley Racing True Street
  • Accelerated Racing Products and TorqStorm Rumble (Index)
  • Texas Speed and Performance Street King
  • Mr. Gasket Co. Late-Model Heads-Up
  • Earl's LS Truck (1/8th Mile)
  • Monster Clutch Co. Stick Shift/Banger Class
  • Quick Fuel Technology 5.50 Heads-Up Index

Be sure to stay tuned throughout the weekend as we bring you photos and results from LS Fest West!

Quick 16

A staple of LS Fest West program is drag racing. With ample power, reliability, and tons of aftermarket support, the LS/LT platform is great for drag racing. Throughout the weekend, LS Fest West features a series of ¼-mile and 1/8th-mile classes for trucks, street cars, bracket racers, fat tires, and small tires. Taking the quickest of the weekend, LS Fest calls upon the fastest from all classes to compete in the Quick 16 tournament race Saturday night.

The class brought a mix of cars, from a twin-turbo '32 Ford, to a sick early 1970s Toyota Celica, a wild Datsun Z-car, and a healthy fourth-gen Camaro. Single eliminations started in the hot Nevada sun with many fighting traction issues. After the sun went down, the track got better, though, with drivers making consistent 5-second, 120mph-plus passes.

LSFW23 Quick 16 Winner

Eric Outland drives "Nacho" Bernal's 2014 Camaro ZL1 - and yes, according to the guys, it's a real ZL1. The car is a continuation of Nacho's 2012 "Resurrection" Camaro, which crashed at over 200mph seven years ago. This Camaro, appropriately nicknamed "Resurrection 2", is only five months old. It's powered by an LS Dart 427 with twin Precision 76mm turbos. Deeds Performance built the car, and Addition Motorsports handles the tuning. The Camaro is an all-original body, as the team typically runs all-steel, all-glass classes.


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