Mallory Ignition Max-Fire Distributor - The Only Distributor with a Built-in CD Ignition

By: Mallory | 02/17/2014 < Back to Motor Life Home

Mallory Ignition's revolutionary new Max-Fire Distributor has a Digital CD ignition and an electronic-advance distributor in one unit. Just drop it in and fire it up -- absolutely no fabrication is necessary and no separate ignition box is required. There's no external ignition box to hide and no new holes in your firewall. Choose from seven pre-programmed advance curves or design your own infinitely customizable curve using the included Windows-based software. This high-output, multiple-spark ignition has its own built-in rev-limiter that's adjustable from 4,500 to 8,000 rpm in 250-rpm increments and a fully adjustable vacuum advance and boost retard that's perfect for both naturally aspirated and supercharged applications. An all-new, easy-to-use USB interface makes it easy to adjust -- on your laptop, with the controller, or right in the distributor itself. With just five wires, it's easy to install, and it comes complete with a wiring harness and weatherproof terminals, so no additional wiring is required.