Moparty 2023: 3S Challenge


Moparty 2023: 3S Challenge


3S Challenge Recap - Sunday

The 2023 MoParty 3S Challenge is a wet and wild time this year, not because of the Beech Bend Splash Lagoon Water Park. A hard, but luckily short-lasting, rain storm rolled in late morning, making for an exciting and sideways time on the track for the B&M and Hemmings 3S Challenge.

The concept is straightforward, but its execution demands finesse. Two drivers commence from a complete standstill on parallel courses. They then navigate through two sweeping 180-degree turns, veering away from each other, before engaging in a drag race to the finish line.

Right beyond the finish line, a designated area is demarcated by cones. The objective: bring the vehicles to a complete stop within this marked zone. It sounds deceptively simple, doesn't it?

However, the reality is far from easy. Drivers push their vehicles to the limits, demanding peak performance in braking, turning, and acceleration - often simultaneously. The true test lies in finding that elusive traction.

This electrifying challenge is the 3S Challenge, open exclusively to Autocross competitors. It holds a pivotal role in determining the Grand Champions. These elite individuals are crowned based on their overall scores, which comprise results from the autocross, drag racing, and the 3S challenge.

It's no surprise Eric Peachey, who has had a strong lead in the Late Model Class for autocross competition, is upfront for 3S Challenge, with a 24.553 second. In second place is John Brown with '16 Dodge Challenger with a 26.006 lap.

Raymond Ellsworth, who came with his three brothers (two of whom are also in the Grand Champion competition) is third in his '08 Dodge Viper with a 27.336.

In the vintage class, Kurt Chenoweth, who'd been leading autocross for his class, ran a 27.582 in his '70 Dodge Challenger. Mitch Lelito, also in his '70 Dodge Challenger, is in a close second with a 27.647. David Kruk is back again this year with his 1970 Dodge Superbee, currently third with a 28.380.

In the truck class is an eclectic collection of pickups and Jeeps. Greg Huizenga is up front with his 1975 Jeep Cherokee with a 29.921. His Jeep features compound turbos! In second is Grant Skidmore with his 1997 Jeep Cherokee with a lap of 30.229, and James Phipps is currently third with his 1988 Dodge D150 and a 32.091 time.


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