Mr. Gasket Aluminum Layered Exhaust Gaskets

By: Todd Veney | 02/19/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
Every car guy's been there: An exhaust gasket's blown out, you have to replace it, and the whole time you're doing it you know you'll just be doing it all over again – and probably a lot sooner than you want to – because the new one won't last any longer than the old one did. Now it will. Mr. Gasket's all-new Aluminum Layered Exhaust Gaskets are the solution for every exhaust gasket problem you have ever had. They're reusable. They don’t shrink. They don't deteriorate. And – most important – they don't blow out. Excessive heat creates surface irregularities on header flanges and exhaust manifolds, and you know what that means: exhaust leaks that rob you of power. The soft aluminum layers in these revolutionary new gaskets compress up to 50 percent to fill gaps in warped and distorted header and exhaust manifold flanges for an airtight, leak-proof seal. Mr. Gasket Aluminum Layered Exhaust Gaskets' one-of-a-kind design guarantees pinpoint placement and no time-consuming modifications of any kind – just put 'em on and bolt 'em up. Now available for a huge array of GM, Ford, and Mopar vehicles, with applications for exhaust manifolds, headers, and collectors, they feature precision mounting-bolt tolerances that position the gasket perfectly over your exhaust ports, making your job a lot easier. And that's not it. The slotted bolt holes mean you won't have to remove the headers or exhaust manifolds entirely to get at the blown-out or warped gaskets and struggle in a cramped engine bay to get them back on. Just leave the header hanging by the bolts or studs at each end, slip your new gaskets into position, and tighten the remaining bolts or nuts for a fast, easy installation. So go ahead. Get the last exhaust gaskets you'll ever need and the only ones that'll last for the lifetime of your engine – Mr. Gasket Aluminum Layered Exhaust Gaskets. And while you're at it, why not finish the job right with a set of Mr. Gasket HeadLock header bolts? They're made of stainless steel, have 24 equally spaced serrations that eliminate the need for lock washers, feature a special high-temperature thread-lock patch, and even come with a combination hex-head/socket-head installation tool perfect for hard-to-reach fasteners.