Mr. Gasket Push-On Hose

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 01/07/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Mr. Gasket may be known as the go to source for gaskets, but we have way more to offer! In fact, Mr. Gasket continues to expand its full line with new products just like our latest offering of push-on-hose.

If you’ve ever had to install twist-on fittings on AN hose, you’ll probably agree that the most frustrating and time consuming part of the job is just getting the twist on fittings onto the hose. Mr gasket has made it easy with our full line of push-on-hose. That’s right a push-on-hose, no more twisting, spinning or stripping threads!

Mr Gasket’s Black Push-On Hose is a synthetic rubber hose reinforced with a fiber braid. It’s easily cut and trimmed with a razor blade or hose cutting tool. Mr Gasket push-on-hose has a maximum working pressure of 250psi and a broad temperature use range from -40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s compatible for use in systems using gasoline, race fuel, and diesel fuels, as well as for use with most oils and transmission fluids. To aid in the assembly process the outer sheath of the hose is lightly textured to prevent it from slipping in your hands, even if you happen to get assembly lube on your hands.

Mr Gasket hose is available in popular AN sizes ranging from -4 to -12 and can be purchased in lengths of 3, 6, 10, and 20 feet for your convenience. Our hoses are designed for use with Mr Gasket Push-On Style Hose Ends. We machine our hose ends from 6061 aluminum for exceptional strength and they are available in matching hose diameters from -4 to -12. Our satin black anodized finish is rugged and looks great too. The logo exempt fittings will look great on any machine and are a great match with most other brands of fittings. Push-on-hose fittings can be purchased in popular designs including straight, 45 degree, 90 degree, and 180 degree angles.

The whole assembly process is super easy and straight forward. First select your hose diameter and corresponding fittings.  Using a razor blade or hose cutter prepare a clean cut perpendicular to the hose at a 90 degree angle. Apply a light coat of Earl’s assembly lube or other compatible oil to the nipple surface of the fitting. Next simply start the hose onto the fitting and press firmly downward. Depending on the fitting design, it may be easier to secure the fitting in a vise using a pair of Earl’s soft jaws. Be careful not to crush or damage the fitting when using a vise. Press the hose completely on to the fitting until the hose makes contact with the cone shaped washer found near the brazed rib on the fitting. And that’s all there is to it! You can now flush the hose assembly and install it on the vehicle.

Mr. Gasket push-on-hose takes the hassle out of the hose building process and they’re easy on the wallet too! 

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