Mr. Gasket Releases LS Cam Change Gasket Kits

By: Todd Veney11/16/2017 < Back to Blog Home
Mr. Gasket LS Cam Change Kits provide all the gaskets, seals, and lifter guides required to install a cam in an LS Series engine in one convenient kit and save you the hassle and unnecessary expense of buying them all separately. Three different kits are available – one for LS1/LS2/LS6 engines with cathedral-port cylinder heads (part number 61010G), one for LS3/L92 applications (part number 61011G), and one for LS7-style ports (part number 61012G). Each kit includes a high-quality OE-style timing cover timing cover gasket, timing cover seal, water pump gaskets, intake seals, valve cover gaskets, and lifter guides.

See detailed product information for Mr. Gasket's complete line of Cam Change Gasket Kits.

LS1/LS2/LS6 (part number 61010G)

LS3/L92 (part number 61011G)

LS7 (part number 61012G)