Mr. Gasket Releases MLS Header Gaskets For 5.0L Coyotes and Ultra Seal Intake Gaskets For Small-Block Fords

By: Todd Veney | 09/04/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the expansion of two of Mr. Gasket's most popular lines – Multi-Layer Steel (MLS) Header Gaskets and Intake Manifold Gaskets, both for Ford applications. Developed specifically for 2010 and newer 5.0L Coyote engines, the three-layer MLS exhaust gaskets are made of stainless steel, .072-inch thick, and a perfect fit for 1-7/8” round-port cylinder heads. They're built to withstand the extreme cylinder pressure produced by high-horsepower, high-compression turbocharged, blown, and nitrous engines.

Stress-formed inner- and outer-layer embossments rebound under exhaust-flange clamp load, creating extra sealing force and maximum fastener-torque retention. Mr. Gasket's newest Ultra-Seal Intake Manifold Gasket Set is perfect for Ford small blocks, including 260s, 289s, 302s, and 351 Windsors. Ideal for use with Holley Hi-Ram manifolds and compatible with Ford 260-351W, TFS, GT-40, and "N" cylinder heads, they're .093-inch thick and fit 1.40-inch x 2.25-inch intake ports.

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