MSD Releases Large Assortment of New Ignition Products

By: Todd Veney | 03/01/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of a wide array of ignition products, including an HEI ignition kit, a cap and rotor, a boot/terminal kit, an O-ring kit, and an HEI distributor timing lockout kit. The HEI ignition kit is available with MSD's increasingly popular black distributor cap and compatible with a wide range of early GM distributors. The cap and rotor are designed just for small-diameter V8 Chevy applications. The 8-pack boot/terminal kits are indispensable whenever you're building a custom set of spark plug wires for LS or current-gen LT engines, and the O-ring kits are an inexpensive way to save a lot of unneeded frustration anytime you need to remove and reinstall your Atomic AirForce intake. The distributor timing lockout kit comes standard with MSD Circle Track HEI distributors but will work with virtually all GM HEIs. BLACK ULTIMATE HEI IGNITION KITS MSD Black Ultimate HEI Ignition Kits contain everything you need to upgrade your early-model GM HEI distributor to a high-performance piece. The included HEAT Digital 8.5-amp performance module is perfectly matched with the coil specifications, providing the highest voltage and energy for maximum spark output. The kit comes complete with the module, coil, rotor, dust cover, and a black distributor cap. CHEVY V8 CAPS AND ROTORS MSD Caps and Rotors are a fast, easy way to keep Pro Billet distributors, MSD's most popular performance distributors, tuned up and in top condition. Now available for small-diameter V8 Chevy distributors, they're molded from a special material for superior strength and reliability. Excellent dielectric properties prevent crossfire and arcing, and low-resistance terminals and a low-resistance rotor tang ensure maximum spark transfer to the plugs. LS BOOT/TERMINAL KITS MSD Boot/Terminal Kits allow you to make custom spark plug wire sets for LS and current-gen LT engines. They work with either GM or aftermarket coils, come in a complete set of eight boots with eight terminals and are perfect for racing or high-performance street use. They're compatible with MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor spark plug wires and are offered for LS1s with 45-degree boots and LT1s with your choice of straight or 90-degree boots. HEI DISTRIBUTOR TIMING LOCKOUTS MSD HEI Distributor Timing Lockouts make locking out mechanical and vacuum timing advance in HEI distributors simple for circle-track racers – no more welding a tack on the mechanical-advance weights or struggling to keep the vacuum advance from moving once the canister is removed. The mechanical-advance lockout plate replaces the old weights and slides over the pins on the shaft and the advance assembly. The vacuum-advance block-off bolts in place of the old vacuum advance canister to completely lock out timing. Both are standard equipment on MSD Circle Track HEI distributors but are fully compatible with most GM HEIs. ATOMIC AIRFORCE INTAKE O-RING KITS MSD Atomic AirForce Intake O-Ring Kits are a handy, inexpensive way to make reinstalling Atomic AirForce intake manifolds a much easier job. Compatible with both LS 1/2/6 and LS7 AirForce intakes, this set of tear-resistant Viton O-rings ensures a leak-free seal to the cylinder heads.

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