Muscle Car Restorations Insists On The Hurst Competition/Plus Shifter For Their 1967 Camaro Project!

Author: Bryan McTaggart | 03/17/2021 < Back to Motor Life Home

When it comes to the cars of the muscle era that captivate the memories of many, the eyes of Hollywood and the dreams of many a gearhead, there is one iconic part that just seems right regardless of the vehicle: that satisfying shift with a Hurst shifter. The world might be buying automatics left and right for their daily drivers, but enthusiasts have not given up on the manual transmission. Nothing can replace the feeling of a good, crisp shifter as you row the gears and for a restoration project, there are few things better than a period-correct upgrade that performs well over the pure OEM-correct system. That's why when the time came to choose a shifter for their 1967 Chevrolet Camaro project, they decided on Hurst's Competition/Plus four-speed shifter (p/n 3914339). This moves the shifter mount from the transmission crossmember to the side of the transmission case, which will help to eliminate the binding issue that happens when the engine and transmission torques over to the right and the shifter and shift rods don't follow along. Take a look at their article to see more of the detail work that goes into a proper shifter installation, with the subframe out of the car for the best view of the installation process!

Muscle Car 1967 Camaro Muncie shifter update to Hurst Competition/Plus

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