Network Support Analyst

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Key Job Elements (Essential Functions Performed):                                           

·        Maintain and deploy switches and networking appliances

·        Maintain and deploy virtual servers and applications.

·        Deploy desktops, laptops, and user software.

·        Schedule and perform major network and application maintenance with users and technical support staff.

·        Coordinate training of users to introduce new software and systems.

·        Coordinate user requests for support and present a professional image to internal and external customers.

·        Coordinate internal technical support services and vendors to assure the timely availability of support.

·        Assist with the configuration of Cisco routers, switches, and other networking hardware.

·        Assist with disaster recovery planning and risk mitigation.

·        Assist with shell scripting, database management, and business system integration.

·        Secure all communications and data appropriate to their sensitivity in accordance with best practices.

·        Contribute special skills and knowledge to provide world-class, innovative solutions while acting as a member of the corporate information services team.

Basic Qualifications (Education/Experience required):

·        Experience with windows servers and virtualization.

·        Experience with routers and switches along with their configurations.

·        Detailed understanding of computer architecture and configuration.

·        Ability to code basic administrative scripts (batch, powershell, bash, etc)

·        Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

·        Proven project management skills

·        Ability to apply information technology to meet business requirements

·        Ability to travel and work independently

·        Proven record of excellent customer service to internal and external customers

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