New RTD-Type Temp Sensor


New RTD-Type Temp Sensor


Hawthorne, CA— AEM’s new RTD-Type Temperature Sensor (PN 30-2052) is packed with features that deliver consistent measurement and long life. It features a closed-tip design that lasts longer than the previous generation’s perforated tip design and the tip is smaller for less intrusion—and less restriction. Inconel-tubing protects the wiring, which is terminated with a high-quality DTM-style 2-pin connector. The sensor reads a temperature range of -40 to 1,560 degrees F (-40 to 850 degrees C), and its thin-film platinum element provides a high degree of accuracy (+/- 0.9% from 536 to 1,560 degrees F).

AEM’s RTD-Type Temperature Sensor features a 90-degree bend at the sensor tip for easier installation in tight spaces, and it includes a weld-in sensor bung with machined M14x1.5 threads.

RTD-Type Sensor Features:

  • Highly accurate, responsive and durable 2-wire temperature sensor
  • Measures temps from -40 to 1,560 F (-40 to 850 C)
  • Short, closed-tip design for long life and less restriction
  • Inconel tubing protects the wiring harness
  • Wiring is terminated with high-quality DTM-style connector
  • Weld-in bung included

Technical Specifications:

Temperature Range -40°C to 850°C
Protective Tube Material Inconel 601
Sensor Thread M14x1.5
Sensor Element Thin film platinum
Nominal Resistance of Element 200 Ω at 0°C
Accuracy ±2.5°C from -40°C to 280°C

±0.9% from 280°C to 850°C 
Response Time T63 <11 seconds at 300°C, air velocity of 11m/s

<6.5 seconds at 300°C, air velocity of 70m/s 


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