NOS 2005-06 Mustang Nitrous Kit

By: Bill Tichenor | 01/05/2007 < Back to Motor Life Home
Nitrous Oxide Systems is announcing the availability of wet nitrous system for the 2005-06 Mustang, P/N 02121NOS. The 2005 Mustang system can be adjusted up to 75 horsepower. The 2005-06 Mustang kit includes a patented drive-by-wire wide open throttle switch with adjustable on and off RPM control, adjustable TPS voltage settings and eliminates the need for a manual micro switch and mounting bracket. A 2005-06 Mustang specific billet switch panel is included to make mounting of electronic controls painless along with specific fit solenoid mounting brackets. The 2005-06 Mustang kit comes complete with 10lb blue bottle, bottle brackets, soft plume nozzle, solenoids, switch panel, billet fuel rail pickup, stainless jets plus all required plumbing and wiring components. The detailed instruction manual walks you through step-by-step for an easy installation. For more information contact Nitrous Oxide Systems, 1801 Russellville Rd. Bowling Green, KY 42101, Telephone 270-781-9741. For nearest dealer: 1-800-HOLLEY-1. Or visit us on the web:
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