NOS Nitrous and Fuel Solenoid Brackets

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 09/08/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Nitrous might be considered the low-buck throttle in a bottle, but that doesn’t mean your engine bay has to look low-buck. Sometimes you just want to show it off! So NOS engineered these super trick aluminum mounting brackets that provide you a convenient and secure way to mount your nitrous and fuel solenoids. 

With a wide array of mounting options, you’re sure to find a bracket that fits your needs. Whether you’re just looking to mount a single solenoid or you’re in need of a bracket with multiple configurations able accommodate 2, 4, or even 8 solenoids, NOS can handle it.

NOS carries easy to install brackets that accept small and large can solenoids. They come in straight and 90 degree designs that can be secured using a single stud or bolt. We also have a convenient LS cylinder head mounting bracket, it’s an aluminum 90 degree mount designed to attach a solenoid to most GM LS heads.  

Our tried and true carburetor stud mount design cleans up your engine bay and allows you to keep your solenoids up and out of the way. We have designs to fit both our 4150 and 4500 style carburetor flanges. We even carry carburetor stud mount brackets that have a throttle cable bracket and return spring bracket built in. They’re available individually or in kit form.

If you’re running multiple stages of Nitrous or installing a wet system, be sure to pick-up one of our carburetor mounting brackets. They bolt between your 4150 carburetor and intake manifold. There are provisions for mounting 1” small can style solenoids in the parallel slots and the bigger 1 5/8” large can solenoids can be mounted in the radial slots. 3 different layouts allow you to mount up to 4 solenoids in a variety of locations. There is also a 4 corner design that can accommodate up to 8 solenoids. With all these options you’re sure to find a configuration to fit your needs.   

Each bracket is precision machined from 6061 aluminum for weight savings and superior strength. We then anodize and laser engrave them with the NOS logo for durability and corrosion protection. Make your ride look fast standing still with nitrous solenoid brackets from NOS.

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