O'Quendo and Kibbetech Racing Win Competition 1450 Class at the Battle At Primm

By: Blane Burnett | Photos by Hart Media & Brian Bartels02/24/2016 < Back to Blog Home
The #1466 Kibbetech Racing Team experienced success at the King Shocks Battle at Primm last weekend. Primm is a two-day race event and serves as the season opener for the SNORE off-road series. Team driver, Justin O’Quendo took home a second place trophy for the weekend in the SNORE series and first place for the Competition 1450 Series.

The amount of competitors and level of competition in the 1450 class did not go unnoticed. A staggering race entry totaled up to 52 vehicles in the 1450 class while a total of 79 vehicles ran the heat race. Fans were in for a show for the entirety of the race.

O’Quendo started mid-pack on day one, drawing 21st starting position. At the start of the race the team was able to pull away from several competitors off the line. Setting a fast pace they worked their way up to sixth place by the end of the first lap. Consistency and speed allowed them to push through several of the front running trucks over the course of the next three laps. At the end of lap four, they found themselves door to door with the first place truck, battling it out for position one. While O’Quendo crossed the finish line physically first, they were edged out on corrected time and ended up in second place at the conclusion of the first day one.

The Kibbetech team started near the front of the pack on day two. Leaving the infield on the first lap, O’Quendo started experiencing a fading power steering pump. As a result, they backed off the pace in order to stay consistent and finish the race. Despite the power steering issue, they were consistently making time on the leader. On the start of lap five, the team was within 100 feet of the first place truck. Maintaining their pace, O’Quendo out-drove the lead truck through its braking zone in a corner, over taking the number one position. The 1466 truck experienced an unfortunate axle failure coming out of the very same turn, relinquishing first position. Despite the setback, the team was able to maintain their second place position and finish the race, with a two second gap between the second and third place positions. The 1466 Kibbetech team is now making repairs and prepping for the next SNORE race which takes place in Ridgecrest, California on April 1-2, 2016.

The Kibbetech Racing 1466 truck is powered by a Mullenix Racing built GM LS engine that is managed by a Holley Dominator EFI system. The truck also runs a Holley fuel system which features a Holley HydraMat to prevent fuel pick up issues in race conditions. The truck also utilizes Earl's Performance Plumbing coolers, fittings, and hoses.

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