Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational 2022: The Championship Finale In Las Vegas


Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational 2022: The Championship Finale In Las Vegas


While the SEMA show tends to dominate the automotive-biased headlines from Las Vegas the first week of November, the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational event is just as much a part of the series of events. Over the course of 2022, the OUSCI team have been scouting for the best cars and drivers to come compete at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and to park up at SEMA. The invitational event is judged based on five points: a road rally that establishes the street-ability of the vehicles with a 25 to 100 mile route that requires vehicles to comply with road laws, environmental laws and regulations, and safety laws and regulations. Acceleration and Braking tests the driver's ability to manage traction, braking ability and car control in a tight turn. The Autocross section determines driver ability to negotiate tight turns and slow-speed direction changes, while the Road Course competition shows how close a street car can perform in road racing conditions. Finally, the Design and Engineering brings in an engineer's eye and judges a vehicle's modifications versus the stock form and whether those modifications enhance or reduce the comfort of the car as a daily driver. Fit, finish, innovation, and balance is what wins this section.

For 2022, 95 vehicles competed, with ten of those vehicles competing in the "Lucky 7" Outlaw class, which is where professional drivers. This year, OUSCI had four different fuel types competing. In addition to all of the gasoline-powered machines, Henry Crawn's 1968 Ford F-100 represented the diesel crowd, two Teslas carried the EV banner, and Mike Copeland's hydrogen-poweered 1948 Chevy 3100, driven by Aaron Oberle, rounded out the fleet.

If you want the full breakdown of the results from OUSCI 2022, be sure to CLICK HERE to see the full breakdown, by class and by event!

OUSCI 2022 Winner Bob Sobey

Bob Sobey clenched both the GTS and Overall win at the 2022 OUSCI in his 2013 Nissan GT-R.

OUSCI 2022 Rozelle

Previous OUSCI winner Jake Rozelle brought back out his C5 Z06 Corvette to defend his title. Sadly, he faced a couple of issues that prevented him coming out on top this year.

OUSCI 2022 Carrol

David Carrol of Norcal Garage was able to bring home the GTT (Truck class) win in his twin-turbocharged LS-swapped K5 Blazer.

OUSCI 2022 de la Houssaye

Many young competitors were seen racing various cars at the 2022 OUSCI competition. This included Dayton de la Houssaye in his Mazda MX-5.

OUSCI 2022 miata

The Acceleration and Brake test, more commonly known as the 3S (Start, Steer, Stop) Challenge, is one of the most difficult aspects of OUSCI competition for most drivers. Being able to launch the car correctly, hit all correct apexes, and stop in a box that’s the size of a one-car garage after going 50+ MPH isn’t too easy.

OUSCI 2022 Bottenfield

Crowd favorite Jason Bottenfield, in the DuSold Designs-built "Texaco Camaro", was on a rip all weekend. He wasn't able to win the GTV cup, but he did take the yearly GTV Points Championship.

OUSCI 2022 Angela Payne

Angela Payne's freshly-built C3 Corvette took on all comers in the GTV class.

OUSCI 2022 Oberle/Copeland Chevy

Meet the only hydrogen-powered vehicle to compete in OUSCI. Mike Copeland's 1948 Chevy was driven by OUSCI alum Aaron Oberle in competition.

OUSCI 2022 Danny Popp

OUSCI veteran Danny Popp was out showing his skill in a Lingenfelter C8 Corvette. Popp recently endured a stroke, but apparently that didn't slow him down a bit as he was placing high in all aspects of competition.


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