Preparing Your ATV For Off-Roading Activities With Anvil

Author: Bryan McTaggart | 03/04/2021 < Back to Motor Life Home

Whether it's your truck or your ATV, if you are heading out off-roading, you need to have the tools and means to bring yourself back home regardless of what kind of terrain you are riding on. You do not want to be the guy standing at the nearest trail entrance with mud halfway up your legs, sheepishly calling your friends to come extract your ride from it's current position. It's not a good look when your ride is sunk up to the bottom of the doors and looking less like a rough and tough off-roader and more like a gigantic prehistoric flower with headlights growing out of what you thought was a "mud puddle". Now, here is a question that we'd like you to consider: chances are good that you have a save-your-hide kit for your off-road truck or sport-utility vehicle for the days you head out on off-the-highway excursions, but have you done the same thing for your ATV? Just because it weighs a fraction of what your truck does doesn't mean that it is going to be any easier to extract when you wind up stuck like Chuck on the trail. The good thing is that with a few small upgrades, getting your ATV un-stuck will barely be a chore. Or, if you're the kind who uses their four-wheeled toy to do some work around the farm, you can utilize these parts to make life easier.

Anvil winch damper

Another item that you might want to consider if you are utilizing a winch is an Anvil winch damper (p/n 1160AOR). A damper is cheap, simple method of keeping you safe if the cable or rope snaps in the middle of a recovery operation.

Anvil Receiver Hitch Winch Mount

Now, let's say you don't want to have a winch mounted on your ATV all the time, or you have a need for a heavier winch in certain situations. The Anvil Winch Mount with 2" Receiver Hitch (p/n 1038AOR) is the answer. Designed for medium-sized winches rated between 8,000 to 12,000 lbs. capacity, this is a great way to use a winch without hard-mounting one to your vehicle.

Anvil Winches

Rating, Cable Style, Fairlead StylePart Number
2,000 Lb., Synthetic Rope, Aluminum 2010AOR
3,500 Lb., Synthetic Rope, Aluminum 3510AOR
4,500 Lb., Synthetic Rope, Aluminum4511AOR
4,500 Lb., Metal Cable, Roller 4501AOR
17,000 Lb., Synthetic Rope, Aluminum17011AOR
17,000 Lb., Metal Cable, Roller17001AOR
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