Quick Fuel Technology Releases NHRA-Approved SSR Carburetors

By: Todd Veney | 09/14/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Quick Fuel Technology is proud to introduce the latest additions to its already popular line of SSR carburetors. After years of success in NHRA's competitive Stock and Super Stock divisions, Quick Fuel has gathered priceless information that goes into every custom SSR carburetor that goes out the door. QFT has established a winning spec and build for every CFM for all the applications and combinations in competition, and now that race-proven success is available in an NHRA-legal "on the shelf" carburetor. "Build to order" versions are still available, as always, but for customers who are short on time or just want to save a little money, these carburetors fit the bill perfectly. Depending on where you race most and your specific combination, Quick Fuel has a spec that will be close – if not perfect – right out of the box. QFT has NHRA-approved list numbers that must be stamped on the carburetor. These new carbs have the correct list number, but the box will have a variance of that number that depends on the altitude at which you normally race and what type of transmission you run. With the features and specs that go into these new SSR Carburetors, you get a spec for your car and your location that's as custom as it gets – without the price or delay. For detailed product information and high-resolution product images of the entire Quick Fuel SSR Series, click here.

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