Racepak Smartwire Powers Shawn Bassett's Global Time Attack Datsun 240Z

By: Blane Burnett | 05/17/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Just this week Shawn Bassett's carbon bodied Datsun 240Z debuted on Hoonigan's Build Biology. The car just recently went through an entire rewiring process thanks to Jesse Vaughn, owner of Marion, IL based Level 7 Motorsports. Jesse called on a Racepak Smartwire Power Distribution Module (PDM) in order to power the vehicle. That means the car no longer has to rely on any old and unreliable factory wiring, with relays and other items that add on pounds.

Shawn is trying to keep the car as light as possible, as he campaigns the vehicle in Global Time Attack, a series that puts drivers against the clock in an effort to see how fast they can accomplish a lap. Global Time Attack organizers hold events at several tracks around the country, which means having an intimate knowledge of your vehicle, and how to tune it for each track and varying conditions is a must

Bassett's 240Z has long given up the inline six in favor of a GM LS truck motor to send power rearward. While you might suspect the car would be running a more powerful, high compression LS7 or other sought after member of the LS family, right now the car utilizes a simple truck motor with bolts-ons, generating approximately 370 wheel horsepower. While that isn't going to win any dyno competitions anytime soon, Bassett admits he is more concerned with getting familiar with the car this season, with hopes to turbocharge the engine and campaign the carbon-bodied Datsun at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the near future. Until a snail and an intercooler find their way into the engine bay, the car shouldn't have too much trouble getting out of its own way, as it only weighs around 2,500 pounds in its current format.

We at Racepak and the rest of the Holley brands congratulate Shawn on the completion of the car and wish him the best of luck this year!

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