RJ Gottlieb's Big Red Camaro Does It All

By: Todd Veney | 08/07/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
RJ Gottlieb's versatile "Big Red Camaro" is like no other car in motorsports. The La Carrera race in Mexico, the Silver State race in Nevada, the world famous Salt Flats of Bonneville, the treacherous Pikes Peak Hill Climb in the Rocky Mountains, or the flat-out speed of the Mojave Mile – Gottlieb's '69 Camaro is competitive wherever it goes. "The car wasn't built for one particular thing, and that's allowed us to do all kinds of things," says Gottlieb, 47, who's been driving his ultimate hot rod since he was a teenager. "Name another race car that runs this number of races and this many different kinds of races. It was built for La Carrera road race, but once we beat all the exotic European cars, they banned us – that's why we started calling it an 'outlaw car' in the first place."

the name in carburetors, and now it's the name for EFI," Gottlieb said. "We've always had the same philosophy: run a big, normally aspirated engine. Like they say, there's no replacement for displacement. [Big Red crew chief Tim Fleenor] put a Holley EFI system on the car, and the whole thing has just worked right from the beginning. It's sophisticated but it's easy to use, and it gives the car exactly what it needs at all times."

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