Sniper EFI Releases Standalone Shift Lights, Throttle Lever Extensions, Sealing Plates, and Linkage Kits

By: Todd Veney08/01/2019 < Back to Blog Home

Holley is pleased to announce the release of four new components from its ever-expanding Sniper EFI line – Standalone Shift Lights, Throttle Lever Extensions, Sealing Plates, and Linkage Kits.



Sniper EFI Standalone CAN Shift Lights have reached a new level: they're now compatible with 8- and even 10-speed transmissions. Just plug the connector into the OBD-II port, plow through the easy-to-follow setup instructions, and you'll be nailing your shift points every time. Available in black or silver with seven super-bright red, yellow, or blue LEDs, their compact size creates countless mounting locations – above the rearview mirror, on the A-pillar, right up front on the instrument cluster, or virtually anywhere you choose. They're .75-inch in diameter, work with any 2008 or newer gas or Diesel engine up to 12 cylinders, and feature smoked front LED and side-display lenses for a stealthy look when powered off.


Sniper EFI Throttle Lever Extensions bolt directly onto your throttle lever, correcting poor throttle cable/rod geometry by increasing your mechanical advantage. They require significantly less pedal effort and provide a noticeably smoother pedal feel, especially at tip-in or low-throttle input, such as when you take off from a stoplight.

Sniper EFI Sealing Plates eliminate air turbulence between your throttle body and intake manifold. A fast, easy way to a quieter, more enjoyable driving experience, they come complete with an open-plenum gasket and a 4-hole gasket and get rid of the annoying whistling noise that comes from poor sealing.

Sniper EFI 2x4 Linkage Kits make it simple to adjust the throttle linkage on virtually any 2x4 intake manifold or supercharger configuration. They include two heim-joint rod ends (one left-hand thread and one right-hand thread), three universal rods, and all the nuts, bolts, and washers to finish the job.

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