Steve Austin Does a 180 in Life and On His Cheyenne Chevy Pickup

By: Todd Veney | 11/20/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Murfreesboro, Tenn.'s Steve Austin (not of the "Stone Cold" variety) wanted an old-school look and late-model power from his Chevy Cheyenne pickup, and with this classic machine he truly has it. The truck is wrapped – not painted – and has a hopped-up LQ9 6.0L rumbling under the hood. Austin, a lifelong hot rodder with a drag racing background who spent every spare minute as kid either drag racing with his grandfather or helping him keep his race cars on the track, overcame addiction in his early adult years to form his own ministry – 180-Degree Ministries – to help others turn their lives around as he had. He turned his truck around by completely revamping the entire valve train, including the addition of a much bigger camshaft and a classic 8-stack fuel ignition system that really makes the machine stand out. Behind the firewall is a 4L60E transmission out of a Corvette, a high-stall torque converter, and a complete shift kit, and a narrowed A8 Ford rear end transfers the engine's nearly 400 horsepower to the ground via 12.5 wheels.