The Importance of Data Acquisition in Auto Racing


The Importance of Data Acquisition in Auto Racing


No matter what field you're working in, it's essential to analyze problems, see what's causing them, and attempt to fix them. Imagine you work in a field where pieces of equipment speed along at 200 miles an hour. The importance of data acquisition in auto racing should be apparent just from looking at it, but let's consider why it's so vital to the process.

What Is Data Acquisition?

At its core, data acquisition is any method of collecting information for later study and implementation. It uses a device that keeps track of how fast a car is going, a slow-motion camera that records how the car turns, and a gauge to analyze how long it takes the engine to reach a specific temperature. These tools are all essential for data acquisition. The most significant difference between data acquisition, or data logging, is that it involves the collection of information to be analyzed later. On the other hand, telemetry is about using the information immediately to make corrections or changes.

What Data Needs To Be Analyzed?

Honestly, the importance of data acquisition in auto racing is so prevalent that it's harder to find information that experts aren't recording. Analysts need to keep track of the vehicle’s performance, such as its RPM, speed time, turning angles, and temperatures. Meanwhile, experts also take information from the driver and look at factors such as steering angle, gear shift times, and other vital elements. This data is important since two drivers using the same car can create wildly different information for analysis.

What To Do With Data

When acquiring data, the most common process steps are recording, measuring, and downloading. Looking at the data recorded from the drivers and the car itself allows analysts to study it and make necessary adjustments. If the data shows the engine temperature rises faster than anticipated, it's easier to look for the underlying causes. By analyzing the data and changing out drivers and parts, experts use the recorded information to create a more efficient and safer experience for people on the road. Data acquisition is an immensely vital step of the process.

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