Time-Attack Racing At The 2023 Super Lap Battle at Circuit Of The Americas


Time-Attack Racing At The 2023 Super Lap Battle at Circuit Of The Americas


For track rats who are more than tired of cold, gray weather, heading south to Texas for the Super Lap Battle's action at the iconic Circuit of the Americas sounds like a perfect getaway. Catching a bit early Springtime weather while also taking advantage of the horsepower gains that cooler air provides is the perfect win/win combination that any racer looks for. With racers more than ready to head out of Pit Lane and onto the surface, it was only a matter of moments before drivers prodded the long pedal on the right and got to work on navigating the 3.42-mile course. During qualifying, the Pro/Comp class McLaren 720 GT3x machine of Cameron Lawrence posted up the fastest lap with a 2:00.803 sprint, a time that would be on-par with a LeMans Prototype Challenge racer, with Jenson Little's Pro/Comp Norma M30 LMP3 (2:03.604) and Feras Qartoumy's Unlimited-class 2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (2:03.850, the new Unlimited RWD record lap) holding down the second and third positions on the overall leaderboard. Eric Fleming would be the fastest Limited-class racer, posting a 2:12.271 lap in his Corvette Z06, Jackie Ding's Toyota GR Supra would lay down a RWD class record 2:13.870 lap, and Jonathan Wheeler's Nissan 370Z Nismo laid down a RWD class record lap of 2:26.800. Jeremy Swenson's Corvette took the win in the GLTC Battle, beating out Paul Curley and James Houghton for the podium position.

SLB at COTA 2023 Riley Stair

Riley Stair's 1970 Pontiac Trans Am was holding up the flag for old-school musclecars throughout the weekend. The Pro/Comp-class machine's best lap was a 2:23.396.

SLB at COTA 2023 G. Zhao

George Zhao's Audi R8 had plenty of grip throughout the week and put down a best lap of 2:20.735. Unfortunately, a catastrophic wheel stud failure on the right rear wheel put an end to the fun. Zhao managed to keep the Audi out of the wall.

SLB at COTA 2023 Rafa Motorsports

Rafa Motorsports' McLaren 720 GT3X is one of fifteen built, and was the overall fastest car throughout the weekend, laying down a RWD class record of 2:00.803.

SLB at COTA Jason Chin Ginetta

Not every vehicle at Super Lap Battle is a production-based vehicle. Jason Chin's Ginetta LMP3 was stout enough for a third-place spot in Pro/Comp with a 2:07.918 lap.

SLB at COTA 2023 GLTC Class

The Gridlife TC Class is always a fan favorite due to the wheel-to-wheel action that occurs when 25 drivers are pitted against one another on the track. Jeremy Swenson's Corvette took first place, while Paul Curley and James Houghton joined him on the podium.


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