We gave away a Fully Built, Nitrous Assisted, 1,000HP 427ci Ford and Marc Garner Won it!

10 min read

We gave away a Fully Built, Nitrous Assisted, 1,000HP 427ci Ford and Marc Garner Won it!

10 min read

Holley is no stranger to making horsepower or record-setting, race-winning cars. But lately, we’ve taken those success and brought them full circle, giving back to our customers through a series of high-powered sweepstakes, the latest of which placed a 1,000hp nitrous assisted Ford 427 Windsor engine in the hands of one, lucky, deserving enthusiast.

“I’m overwhelmed,” said Mark Garner. “When I got the call at work, I about jump slammed through the ceiling! The guys were looking at me like I was crazy. I’ve never won anything like this before.”

The 427ci, a joint effort between Holley and the talented team of engine builders at Prestige Motorsports, features the latest and greatest in blue oval parts, including a fully forged rotating assembly, World Products aftermarket engine block, and a full assortment of induction and EFI hardware from Holley EFI.

For a full build and dyno test of the engine, CLICK HERE

Marc (far left) says the 1969 Mustang Project the 427 is destined for is 100% a family affair.

The timing of the sweepstakes win couldn’t have been any more perfect for Garner, whose 1969 Mustang Mach One project only just recently went back under the knife.

“It’s a father son project,” said Garner. “I’ve had it since 1992 but didn’t work on it due some stuff life through at us. It’s been sitting in the back of the shop and this year with COVID we started taking the car apart and trying to get it rolling so we can take it to the paint shop.”

The previous owner painted the once-maroon Mustang black and according to Marc it looks like it was done with a paint brush. That will soon change as Marc and his son are prepping the car for the paint shop.

And while clean paint, car cruises, and a few grudge matches with buddies at the local drag strip were all plans for the cars future, up until a week ago the direction of an engine to power the car remained uncertain.

“It had a 302 Boss engine we pulled out of it and that was completely locked up. As we started dismantling it, we realized there was about nothing we could save.”

With time of death officially called for the original mill, the call from Holley was as fortuitous as can be.

From all of us at Holley we want to congratulate Marc again on his win, an amazing engine, and remind all of our great customers and enthusiasts to check out www.holley.com/win/ where we will continue to host sweepstakes such as this throughout the year!


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