Web Developer

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Key Job Elements (Essential Functions Performed):                                           

• Modifying existing website/intranet code to add and replace functionality

• Creating new systems and applications, documenting functionality, and application life cycle (cradle-to-grave)

• Evaluating new technologies and techniques for proactive adoption in the enterprise

• Modifying SQL statements and views to create new reports and middleware code

• Working with team employees to ensure commonality between systems

• Project tracking, attending development meetings, and meeting with senior staff for progress reports and objectives

• Develop Standardized Programming and Documentation Procedures

• Coordinate, prioritize, and manage user requests for support.

Basic Qualifications (Education/Experience required):

• Strong programming skills using object oriented languages

• Strong knowledge of SQL and the ability to create complex queries

• Good verbal and written communications skills.

• Good planning and organization skills.

• Good interpersonal skills.

• Experience creating web applications using JSON, SQL, HTML/CSS

• B.S. degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent experience

This position is located in Bowling Green, KY

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