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    Universal Scavenger Pipe Kits

    Commonly referred to as an X-Pipe, not all X-Pipes are created equal. As any engineer will tell you, crossing exhaust streams incorrectly can create huge turbulence with the exhaust systems causing great harm to horsepower and torque generation. Flowmaster’s patented and exclusive D-Port technology allows the exhaust pulse to create a low-pressure area that helps pull, or scavenge, the next exhaust pulse from the paired set of tubes. These systems work to produce significant torque improvement and are well-suited to modified “muscle car” application yet retain the classic Flowmaster sound.

    Flowmaster Scabenger X-Pipe

    Exhaust Pulse As the exhaust pulse exits the engine and travels across the D-port area, the increased surface area of the tubing creates a strong low-pressure area and increases the speed of the exhaust traveling through the tubing. This helps to improve the exhaust velocity at all engine rpm but especially at low and mid rpm levels. This directly improves torque and throttle response. Sound and Pressure Waves The open chamber area in the Scavenger Pipe assembly allows not only the pressure waves between the two sides to balance out, but specific sound frequencies cross over and cancel themselves out as they collide. This results in a reduction in interior sound as well as creating a low-pressure area to maximize the scavenging effect.