Flowmaster Delta Boost Performance tuners for turbo-charged applications, simply plugs in-line with the boost sensor and ECU and is controlled by a downloadable Bluetooth app from your smartphone. The Delta Boost app allows you to adjust your engines turbo boost with four different settings ranging from -4lbs of boost, up to +4lbs of boost over stock. These settings work great for regulating new drivers all the way up to those fun days at the track with the benefit of more horsepower after hitting your apex and powering out of the turn. This plug ‘n’ play unit only takes a few minutes to install and leaves no trace once removed.

Flowmaster Delta Boost

  • Easy Plug and Play with Bluetooth App
  • Real Time Boost Monitor
  • 4 Power Settings (Valet, Standard, Sport, and Max)
  • Downloadable App Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Up to 30+ HP and 50+ lb-ft TQ
  • Flowmaster x
  • Filter
  • Clear
  • In Stock
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