Pressure Plates

Diaphragm, Borg & Beck, Long-style, street/strip – whatever you run, Hays has the pressure plate for it
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Pressure Plates Features

  • Hays has the pressure plate for exactly what you run – whatever you run
  • Diaphragm pressure plates exceed OE specs in material, construction, and performance for light pedal pressure and a quick, clean release ideal for today's street-driven vehicles
  • Street/strip pressure plates easily handle the power and torque of high-performance applications with heavy-duty coil springs that exert maximum pressure on the disc
  • Borg & Beck-style street/strip pressure plates absorb the punishment of even the most powerful engines up to 7000 rpm with a 3-roller assist that adds 850 pounds of plate load at 6000 rpm
  • Long-style pressure plates stand up to the extreme demands of competition use with formed steel covers, ductile-iron pressure rings, long-lasting silicone springs, adjustable levers, welded spring cups, and heavy-duty eye bolts