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Step 1: Engine & Transmission Mounts

  • 1994-1995 Mustangs Use 71221013HKR Mounts (with Clamshell style mounts) and Either Crossmember (Choose based on Desired Transmission)
  • 1996-2004 Mustangs Use 71221011HKR Mounts and Either Crossmember (Choose based on Desired Transmission)
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Step 2: Oil Pans

  • The factory LS Oil Pans don't fit or hang too low during an engine swap
  • LS Swap oil pans provide maximum clearance to the chassis and ground
  • OE (original equipment) style fitment for durability, strength, and proper sealing
  • Choose from natural aluminum casting, or carbon black ceramic finish
  • 1994-1995 Mustangs Use Oil Pan 302-3
  • 1996-2004 Mustangs Use Oil Pans 302-1, 302-2, or 302-3
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Step 3: Headers and Exhaust Manifolds

  • Choose from Long Tube Headers or Exhaust Manifolds
  • Headers are 304 Stainless Steel w/ 1-3/4" or 1-7/8" Primary Tubes & 3" Collectors
  • Exhaust Manifolds are Available in a Variety of Finishes & 2-1/4" or 2-1/2" Collectors
  • Long Tube Headers are a Direct Fit to the Exhaust Systems
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Step 4: Exhaust System

  • Choose from 304 or 409 Stainless Steel Material
  • Choose From 2-1/2" or 3" Dual Exhaust
  • 3" Exhaust Available w/ Turn-Dows or Rear Exit
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Step 5: Swap Accessories

  • Mount Your Holley ECU Under the Passenger Seat on Your Mustang
  • Choose from Brackets for Dominator, HP, or Terminator X ECU's
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Step 6: Accessory Drives

  • Choose from High Mount, Low Mount, or Mid Mount Accessory Drive Kits
  • Choose from Natural Aluminum, Black, or Polished Finish
  • Bracket Kits - Allow Reuse of Factory Components (High Mount & Low Mount)
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Step 7: Terminator X or X Max

  • Standalone Plug and Play Engine Control for GM LS Engines
  • Terminator X Features Real-Time Fuel Learn, High Impedance Injector Drivers, Integrated 1bar MAP Sensor & 4 Programmable Inputs and Outputs
  • Terminator X Max - also Controls GM Automatic Transmission (4L60/4L65/4L70/4L75/4L80/4L85)
  • Inputs & Outputs Are Ideal for Electric Fans, Boost Control Solenoids, Progressive Nitrous Control & More
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