Hurst Elite Series Program

Back in 1958, when innovator George Hurst founded the company that bears his legendary name, he and his team were pioneering and designing a wide variety of performance products for the blossoming hot rod community, such as shifters, motor mounts, disc brakes, wheels, Line/Loc, the Jaws of Life, and much more.

Introducing the Hurst Elite Series Program

Today, while Hurst continues to develop industry leading shifters, we’ve re-focused our goals to carry out George’s original vision. Our mission: to design and produce the highest quality performance products available for late model Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers, Chargers, and their demanding enthusiasts.

In order for your car to qualify for the program, it must be fitted with the following Hurst Elite Series items:

Exhaust System
Floor Mats
Center Caps

Once you’ve purchased all six items, contact Hurst directly with the proof of purchase information and we’ll add you and your car to our exclusive Hurst Elite Series build list. We’ll also send you a pair of limited edition metal Hurst Elite Series badges for your car and an officially numbered Hurst Elite Series build certificate, allowing you to show off your pride of building your very own Hurst Elite Series car!
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Product Type
  • Automatic Transmission Shift Lever
  • Automatic Transmission Shift Lever Kit
  • Body Decal Kit
  • Brake Line Lock Kit
  • Coil Spring
  • Emblem
  • Exhaust Accessories
  • Exhaust Muffler Kit
  • Exhaust Systems / Kits
  • Floor Mat
  • Manual Transmission Shift Knob
  • Manual Transmission Shifter
  • Manual Transmission Shifter Lever Kit
  • Suspension Kit
  • Wheel Cap
  • Flowmaster
  • Hurst
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