After all gasket mating surfaces have been carefully cleaned, place a straight edge across the cylinder head and engine block gasket surfaces. Flatness should not vary more than .0025˝. If a variance of more than .0025˝ is measured, we recommend correcting this situation before installing the head gasket.

Re-tap and thoroughly clean all head bolt/stud threaded holes. If existing bolts or studs are being reused, clean threads and lightly lubricate to insure accurate torque readings.

NOTE: Torque specs will vary with the type of lubricant used.

  • Use fresh 10W-30 weight motor oil and follow bolt/stud manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Use a thread sealer or silicone on bolt holes that enter into cooling passages.
  • Do not use any type of adhesive or sealer on Mr. Gasket/Ultra-Seal® head gaskets. The special coatings used on the gaskets are more than adequate to properly seal all fluid passages and minor surface imperfections.

Applying proper clamp load is one of the most important steps to a successful seal. After installing head gasket and cylinder head, tighten bolts/studs following engine manufacturer’s recommended torque sequence. Tighten in at least three equal steps moving the torque wrench in a smooth, even pull, which will yield the most accurate torque readings. The use of Mr. Gasket hardened washers will further reduce friction and increase torque accuracy.

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    Cylinder Head Gaskets

    Performance Composite

    • Engineered to meet or exceed OE gasket and sealing specifications
    • Same gasket as in Mr. Gasket OE gaskets kit, but now available separately
    • For use in daily drivers, muscle cars and street rods that use stock style gaskets
    • Budget priced and sold individually

    Steel Shim

    • Manufactured from .020” steel shim stock.
    • Thinner than OE head gaskets, increases engine compression.
    • Stress formed embossments seal extreme cylinder pressures.
    • For high performance street, drag race and oval track use.


    • Five layer (graphite core/perforated steel outer layers) composite construction.
    • Graphite core has excellent thermal conductivity, transferring heat away from hot spots preventing gasket burn-out.
    • Provides excellent stability, compressibility and high temperature endurance.
    • Coated with high temperature silicone to ensure sealing of engine fluids.
    • Will not brinell (indent) aluminum cylinder heads.
    • For high performance street, drag race and oval track use.

    MLS (Multi-Layered Steel)

    • Manufactured from premium grade stainless steel and state of the art laser cutting
    • Optimized sealing embossments seals extreme cylinder pressure
    • Provides excellent stability and reduces cylinder bore distortion
    • Proprietary polymer coating ensures the micro seal of engine coolant and oil fluids
    • Ideal for supercharged, turbo-charged, nitrous oxide and extreme compression ratio engines
    • For high performance street, drag race and oval track use


    • Manufactured from dead soft solid copper
    • Provides excellent stability and reduces cylinder bore distortion
    • Can be used with or without stainless steel o-rings
    • Ideal for supercharged, turbo charged, nitrous oxide and extreme compression ratios
    • For high performance street, drag race and oval track

    Head Gaskets

    From Mild to Wild, Mr Gasket has the Head Gaskets you need. We stay up to date by adding new materials and new applications on a regular basis.