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    Many performance engines have machined surfaces that cause non-parallel alignment. Before assembly, insure head and manifold mounting surfaces are parallel and head ports properly match intake ports. We offer a wide variety of port sizes to match many different port configurations. If necessary, our performance intake gaskets can be easily cut to match most modified cylinder head and intake ports. Inspect original gasket (if available) to determine if mounting surfaces are parallel, ports are properly matched to head and if manifold is warped.

    • Clean all mounting surfaces before installing new gasket.
    • Be careful not to damage mounting surface when using a scraper or wire brush.
    • Use gasket remover to ease clean-up.
    • Cover exposed internal areas (lifter galley and ports) so debris will not get into and damage critical engine components.

    IMPORTANT: If engine is equipped with a valley pan type gasket, do not discard. On most engines, this pan will need to be reused to insure proper oil drain-back to crankcase. Clean valley pan and apply a thin bead of Mr. Gasket #78080G silicone around ports on cylinder head side of valley pan. Place in position on engine and continue to install the Mr. Gasket intake set.

    Use adhesive around water and intake ports on cylinder head side of gasket to insure a tight seal and keep the gasket from moving during manifold installation.

    NOTE: On large port applications, the gasket wall between ports is very narrow. Be sure adhesive has cured adequately before installing intake manifold to avoid gasket shift.

    WARNING: For long term sealing, do not use any type of copper gasket sealer on intake gaskets. Do NOT use any sealants on o-ringed ports!


    Manifold front and rear end seals are supplied with most kits. In many performance applications, the manifold end gap has been reduced due to machine work on block and cylinder heads.

    • If light machining has been done, discard the rubber seals (if supplied) and use the cork seals (apply an 1/8˝ bead of Mr. Gasket #78080G silicone sealer at side rail/seal intersection).
    • If gap is smaller than 3/32˝, discard cork seals and use Mr. Gasket #78080G sealer. Apply a 1/4˝ bead across block surface then install intake manifold.

    Install bolts fingertight. Using a torque wrench, tighten to factory torque specifications. Follow proper tightening sequence. (On most V8 engines, start with center bolts and work outward in an “X” pattern).

    Intake Gaskets

    Upgrade from ordinary OE gaskets with Mr. Gasket intake gaskets that seal with minimal clamp force and still release easily every time