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Holley Training Events

Holley hosts a number of events and the Holley race trailer cruises the country.

Class Topics

  • System Features
  • Advanced Wiring
  • Fuel system configurations
  • Advanced file management including: setting directory paths, creating a custom GCF and exporting / importing GCF files to the library of ICF's
  • GCF comparison tool functionality
  • Advanced engine parameters
  • Multiple injector sets and custom injector staging strategies
  • Custom ignition configuration
  • Cam/ Crank sensor Phasing
  • Load Scaling: Pros and cons of Speed Density. Alpha-N , Combo modes and VE strategies
  • Rescaling fuel maps for boosted applications
  • Timing tables and programmable timing retards
  • Startup fueling including afterstart enrichment
  • Idle parameters including advanced tuning and troubleshooting tecniques
  • Advanced closed loop and learn operation
  • Datalog Use
  • System log diagnostics
  • Acceleration tuning
  • Custom input and output logic
  • Sensor scaling and calibration
  • Hot Key Navigation
  • GM and Ford Transmission control
  • Drive By wire Throttle Control
  • And More

    • DATES
    • EVENT
    • Availability
    • CITY
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 X  Holleydays 2020 20% off and DD