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Holley Training Events

Holley hosts a number of events and the Holley race trailer cruises the country.

Class topics

  • Single port Boost control methods
  • Dual port Boost control methods
  • Hands on PID controller training
  • Boost based on Time, RPM, Gear, Speed, Manual boost and advanced boost offset table strategies
  • Boost Safeties
  • Boost Builders
  • Nitrous controls Dry vs Wet systems
  • Progressive and non-progressive controls
  • Pedaling control strategies
  • Nitrous activation control strategies
  • Watermeth controls
  • Duty cycle WM tables
  • Fuel flow WM tables
  • Water meth safeties
  • Active speed Management
  • Advanced ICF 1 and 2 Axis Tables

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 X  Holleydays 2020 20% off and DD
 X  Holleydays 2020 20% off and DD