Engine Swap

The Car Craft Engine Swap Challenge is back for 2015! The stakes have been raised this year, as our competitors are bringing their own vehicles, with the winner getting to keep the Holley and Hooker swap parts supplied for the competition and the supplied LS engine. For 2015 Holley's engine swap centers around their newly released LS swap components for 1973-1987 square body C10 pickup trucks. Both teams will race against one another and the clock to see which team can successfully remove the old running small block Chevy engine from their trucks and install the GM LS engine in its place. Teams will get their engines running utilizing the aforementioned swap and EFI products from Holley and Hooker headers. The team to get their truck fully operational and drivable in the shortest amount of time wins!

How about this year's teams? Team one is comprised of long time LS Fest attendee Mark Burch Jr. and teammate Richard Wiley from the great state of Alabama. They feel confident they can complete the swap in the fastest time and secure the win, the LS engine and Holley parts to boot! Competitors Sebastian Poole from Franklin, KY and local Bowling Green firefighter Todd Brannan beg to differ, and will do their best to surprise the other team and the large crowd that always gathers to see the competition unfold.

The competition will take place on September 12th, beginning at 10:00 a.m., so be sure and get there early enough to claim a good seat for this exciting event!

Engine Power