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By: Jim Rob 05/21/2020

After wrecking my junk at the 2018 OUSCI event. The car as been slowly getting rebuilt since then between deployments, COVIDs, and life in general. The car is slowly getting back together. Here is how we got to me rebuilding my car.

2018 during the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car Invitational (which i was so $&%! stoked to be there) I wanted to get a closer look at the tire wall in turn 10/11... so I did...with my car. Honestly I just ran out of talent and was trying to overdrive my car. Jumped the curb in turn 10, applied throttle before the car took a set and she spun around on me. Wadded it up but was able to drive it back on the trailer. Hurt the car, but I think my pride was hurt even more. Ended up wadding up the front bumper cover, pass side headlight assembly, hood, pass fender, quarters, inner fender, door and cracked the rear tub on the car. Guess I will get to learn to do body work... that is a art form. All you good paint and body guys! I applaud you.

I will admit, I have a really bad habit of "since I am doing this, might as well do that" Instead of just replacing the broken parts... I decided UPGRADE time. So I went with (Originally) a set of Corvette Creations ZR Carbon rear fenders, a carbon hood and the new wider carbon front fenders. So Pete (owner of Corvette Creationz) is a great guy... responsive and a good sales guy. However the quality of the hood and rear quarters left alot of be desired. Pay for what you get... The front fenders were pretty decent. I did not know (my fault) that they where not true carbon fiber... since I had never bought body panels before, i thought that was a good price for carbon. Guess what.. It's not. True carbon is ALOT more. Anyway I ended up selling the hood and rear fenders as they werent what I would run on a Optima series car or be happy with. Pete ended up coming out with a LPE style rear fender that the fit and finish was waaayyy better quality. I went with the fiberglass ones because I wanted the lightest ones possible. They we actually a couple pounds lighter than the carbon overlay ones. And every little bit counts.... so I ended up going with Kerry Hitt's awesome stuff. Which by the way, Kerry and the team at ACP are top notch! I went with him for the fronty bumper cover, splitter and hood. The hood had some issues but Kerry is making it right by making a new hood. Excellent man that stands behind his product.

Stand by for the next post and I'll talk about what other aero I am going with and how I lightened up the heavy girl





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