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Back story of original engine and new engine

By: jordan 09/04/2019

Blew up my stock ls2 back in 2013 from the dreaded oil pickup.

Been a slow building process since then. Started out wanting a budget 408 but ended up throwing the budget out the window and going with Callies compstar rods and crank along with diamond pistons. I originally bought an lsxrt for it but I ended up changing my mind and selling it

Switched to an edelbrock super victor with a mother pucker from Nitrous Outlet. Ever since NO came out with the puck, I had to have one. Talked to them at PRI last year and found out they had a "mother pucker" that could handle a 600 single shot of nitrous instead of the 400 that the puck could. Needless to say I had a mother pucker ordered in February lol

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