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Poor decisions

By: Alex 02/03/2020

Almost four years ago, I sold my last drag car. It was a turbo LS-powered 4th Gen Trans Am that went 8.40 @ 161. I had gone as far and as fast as I wanted to as the next step would require a significant investment that I wasn't willing to make. I thought that I had done all of the drag racing that I wanted to do. After investing north of $60k, I sold the car for $25K (STONKS), sold my truck, sold my trailer, and bought a 2011 CTS-V.

Not long after that transition did I discover that while the V was good at a lot of things, it was great at nothing. This did not keep me engaged, and it was sold as quickly as it was bought. Fast forward a few months, and a small, purple, boxy epiphany came across my timeline. Racing is fun, but expensive. BUT, if you buy a nicely done roller, it gets a lot cheaper while you still get to make the car yours. Additionally, going fast is a lot easier in a lightweight car. So, when this 3/4 chassis roller weighing a svelte 1380 lbs. presented itself for $11k, I really had no choice.

Without truck and trailer, I enlisted my brother-in-law's truck, father-in-law's trailer, and my wife to co-pilot all the way to Long Island, NY and back in a three day weekend. With that successfully done, I had to figure out what type of powerplant I wanted to go with this time around.

Having already done the turbo thing, a boosted junkyard 5.3 was my first thought. But, that's been done to death, and I'd been that route. I considered a late model Hemi, a Gen V LT, and some other goofy stuff before a friend of mine began parting his car out. The centerpiece of this part out was a 13.5:1 416 cubic inch LS3 topped off with some heavily worked over TFS 245s. I then finagled a monstrous 262°/270° .660"/.629" 113+4 LSA cam from another friend.

The bones are here, so now we'll see where it goes from here.

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