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David's Hideus

1975 Lincoln Mark IV

Base 460/7.5L V8


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  • Color: White
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    Took a tired old classic and got her back on the road. My wife saw this thing on a flatbed being dropped in my driveway and declared that it was hideous! I told her that in KY we only get 6 letters but I was going to get the vanity plate for it. Done. I soon ripped off what remained of the vinyl roof and removed all the trim around it. Once I could inspect the holes arround the opera windows I sanded the roof down to bare metal, then did rust repair and body work sufficient to seal water out and give a smooth “steel roof car” look to it. I topped it off with a rattle-can paint job for the roof only. After I installed a new intake and holley 4-bbl carb there was no room for an air filter. While I was deciding my options, a walnut tree branch fell off one night and landed on the hood. No damage at all but it pressed down on my carb thereby providing an accurate template to cut a hole and install a scoop. Next I swapped out the ‘75 smogger heads for reworked stock C9VE heads from a 1969 (high compression) Ford 460 motor. Those plus a torque cam set the motor up right to turn the 2.75 gears. Of course, then I had to have the C6 transmission rebuilt. These cars came stock with a 460, 4-wheel disc brakes with a rudimentary anti-lock system (rear only) and a heavy duty C6 automatic transmission.

    Future Plans

    Finish my headliner installation. I have the new material trimmed and ready to go but I like the look of the dytnomat insulation I applied against the roof for sound deadening. I call it my “Apollo 11 Lunar Module” look. I also have the parts from Vintage Air to swap in their system for my non-functioning factory heat and air system.

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    • Jim

      Love the look, doing the same to my 78! Just curious what intake you were using as I have a Weiland Stealth I want to use.
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