1970 Chevrolet CST / 10

Base 350 CID


Build Points


  • Color: Flame Red and White
  • Horsepower: 225
  • Drivetrain: RWD

Vehicle Overview

Bone Stock 1970 CustomSportTruck / 10 including a rebuilt 1969 Rochester Quadra-Jet. Not an upgrade insight; until, the Atomic EFI is aboard. Well, not entirely true. A recently installed Brown Gas/Hydroxy/HHO system was installed has been functioning at about 1600 mL/Minute supplement rate. This having added a degree of seat of the pants boost to the Q-Jet lackadaisical responsiveness. A fuel mileage gain has not been assessed. The Atomic EFI will change the playing field dramatically. And where a previous sorry 14 mpg, with a light foot, was observed prior to HHO implementation under the Q-Jet, the EFI will receive a thorough MPG evaluation. The Q-Jet responsiveness and inclinations to choke and stall even under light acceleration, as though the accelerator pump were worn out, the EFI is not expected to experience these conditions.

Future Plans

Hedman Headers

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