C7 Corvette

A variety of exhaust products for your C7 Corvette (2014-2017). Performance gains, aggressive sound, and weight savings over OE exhaust!


  • Race-only longtube headers as well as shorty headers available for both race and street driven vehicles
  • Axle-back, Cat-back, and Header-back exhaust kits with integrated valves to accomodate factory AFM actuators (where applicable)
  • Products available for vehicles with and without factory NPP (Dual Mode) exhaust
  • X-Pipes Available to connect BlackHeart longtube headers to the factory exhaust
  • A variety of exhaust products for better performance, sound, and weight savings over OE exhaust

Performance gains, aggressive sound, and weight savings over OE exhaust!


  1. 3/8” thick, 304 stainless steel CNC waterjet flanges for durability and an optimum sealing surface
  2. Quality welds for strength, longevity and good looks
  3. Lightweight, 18-gauge, mandrel bent 304 stainless steel primary tubes
  4. Exhaust systems constructed from mandrel bent, lightweight 18-gauge, 304 stainless steel offering a weight savings of up to 32% over OE exhaust
  5. Available with and without catalytic converters to clean up sound and emissions
  6. X-pipe designed to maximize performance and reduce in-cabin exhaust drone
  7. Utilizes factory mounting points for ease of installation
  8. Systems with built-In functional AFM valves allow for the AFM valve actuator to bolt directly without any modifications
  9. Multiple 304 stainless steel muffler options to suit your tastes, from mild to wild. Systems also available for vehicles with NPP Dual Mode exhaust
  10. 4” dual wall, angle cut, polished 304 stainless steel tips with laser etched Hooker Blackheart logo

Dyno Proven Performance!

Every Hooker BlackHeart development vehicle is dyno tested in house before and after our exhaust components are installed. This ensures the products are truly optimized for performance in addition to sound. When it comes to the rear-wheel power gains we post, our numbers are real - not exaggerated or non-existent.

A variety of exhaust products for your C7 Corvette!

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